oh wow, lovely
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all pictures on here are my own edits
♡ transparent taylor ♡
♡ transparent ♡

Anonymous said: how did you make your blog tittle thing that says transparalyse ?

i got the text i wanted off of a font website and then used another site to make it animated (can’t remember what site i used, i think i googled “glitter fill” or something) and then made the background transparent

♡ transparent ♡

Anonymous said: keep making edits!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry i’ve just been so busy and ran out of ideas:( send me suggestions and i’ll do them? 

Anonymous said: what do you use to make your pictures transparent ?

i have answered this SO many times wow, just scroll down 

♡ transparent ♡(not my art, just my edit) 
♡ transparent ♡

turquoise---water said: your tumblr is sooo cool x

thaaaanks! x

♡ transparent ♡